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MECLAxCLP2024 - Finding the newest cleantech solutions for the built environment


MECLA members are invited to join an opportunity to partner with ClimateLaunchpad (CLP), the world’smost successful clean and climate technology business ideas competition and program. The annual pre-accelerator and start-up competition has a proven track record in finding and accelerating the most promising new clean and climate technologies among researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, accelerating them into business solutions and start-ups. 

Join MECLA to partner with Climatelaunchpad in 2024 to unearth and accelerate the commercialisation of the next generation of Australia’s low-carbon construction technologies and business innovations relevant to the built environment. We are actively seeking corporate partners and members within the network to come on board as a ClimateLaunchpad sponsor and partner for 2024.

Learn more about ClimateLaunchpad, how your organisation and business can get involved and what corporate sponsorship could look like for a 2024 program. Contact ClimateLaunchpad by December 11 at to discuss further. 

Start-ups who started with ClimateLaunchpad

ClimateLaunchpad 2021 National Finalist

The Newcastle-based start-up, which was included on The Australian’s list of Green Power Players 2023, is aiming to build and operate a factory to manufacture both supercapacitors and redox flow battery electrolyte for Australian and international customers in the coming five years. Last year, Origin Energy acquired a 5% stake in Allegro Energy, for a valueation of $80m, to pilot their long-duration battery at Eraring Power station. 

ClimateLaunchpad 2022 Global top-16

Syenta manufactures 3D printers for electronics, solar cells and batteries, that can deposit metals, semiconductors, polymers and insulators faster and at higher resolution than existing techniques, while using less energy and creating almost no waste. Since prgressing through the ClimateLaunchpad program, Syenta have raised ~$4 million in dilutive and non-dilutive capital, and were recently recognised as a top-11 start-up to watch in the Asia Pacific region by Forbes. 

What is ClimateLaunchpad?

Climate-KIC EIT, the European Union’s major Climate innovation Initiative, simultaneously facilitates the competition and program in 55+ countries. Climate KIC Australia runs ClimateLaunchpad in Australia across multiple Australian cities and regions and usually receives applications from innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers from across all states.

ClimateLaunchpad’s strength as a global program is to find and accelerate technologies and innovations across diverse sectors that are usually too early or too “hidden” within institutions or the public community to be found by acceleration programs or VCs.

Through intense start-up capability training, mentoring, networking and pitching, ClimateLAunchpad gets those innovations and their teams ready for further business acceleration and investment within Australia and connects them further to a global network of start-ups, acceleration and investment opportunities.

Why does MECLA want to run ClimateLaunchpad in 2024?

New research, business ideas and technologies, from innovative building materials to AI and new circular building waste solutions, are proliferating in the built environment as more people think about solutions to our sustainability challenge. The MECLA x ClimateLaunchpad partnership can deliver a ClimateLaunchpad 2024 program focused on finding and supporting business ideas and novel technologies for decarbonising the built environment and creating a pipeline of start-up solutions by helping people to take their ideas and innovations from conception to a global market of innovators and investors.

How we can make this happen

MECLA and ClimateLaunchpad offer a corporate sponsorship opportunity to support the delivery of a 2024 national program with a built environment focus. This opportunity is available to MECLA partner organisations and members. ClimateLaunchpad can provide flexible sponsorship structures depending on prospective partner needs, budget and ambition. If you are interested in discussing the opportunity further, please get in touch with

Some of the past alum:

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