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Spotlight on Aluminium

This Spotlight on Aluminium event took place on Thursday 10 June, 2021. The Australian Aluminium industry has signficantly grown in the last 12 years, resulting in $13 billion in export, $50+ billion in capital replacement and $5 billion in annual local spend.

In this session many topics were discussed, including how sustainability can add value to Australia’s resources, how the industry has evolved over the last 12 years, the role of circular economy in aluminium, responsibly sourcing, and more.

On this page see the recordings of all of the presentations and access their slide decks.  Hudson Worsley, MECLA Chair, Co-Founder and Directer Presync, hosted this sesson.


  • Marghanita Johnson, Executive Director of Australian Aluminium Council
  • Jeff Morgan, Senior Associate of Hassell Sudios
  • Ashleigh Morris, CEO and Co-Founder of Coreo
  • Fiona Solomon, CEO of Aluminion Stewardship Iniative (ASI)
  • Megan Sargeant, Sustainability Manager Delivery NSW/ACT for Lendlease
  • Adrian Piani, Executive Group Manager, Infrastructure Delivery Partners, Major Projects, ACT Government, and member of the Australian Procurement & Construction Council (APCC)
Marghanita Johnson speaks about sustainably value adding to Australia’s resources
Jeff Morgan on low carbon aluminium and the history of recycled aluminium
Ashleigh Morris talks about the role of circular economy and the role of aluminium in Australia
Fiona Solomon discusses the Aluminiom Stewardship Initiative and responsible sourcing

Megan Sargeant and Adrian Piani speak about the demand side buyers perspective and their experiences in procurement
Panel Discussion

View the speakers slide decks below: