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Spotlight on Timber

In this Spotlight learn about the carbon footprint of Australian timber products. There is a MECLA Working Group update from the various chairs of each. Hear Caryn Streeter, Architect at Richard Kirk Architecture, speak about designing with CLT and GLT. Jeremy Mansfield OAM, on maximising benefits of commercial construction adoption of mass engineering timber. Steve Mitchell, Principal Consultant with Thinkstep-ANZ on the carbon footprint of Australian Timber Products. And finally, listen to a panel discussion. Hudson Worsley, MECLA Chair, Co-Founder and Directer Presync, hosted this sesson.

The following information is covered in the presentations:

• Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) for Australian timber products

• Carbon footprint of forestry and production of timber products – fossil emissions and biogenic carbon

• Interpreting data for a specific product from an industry wide EPD

• Impacts of other inputs – Resins, preservatives, transport

• Timber sourcing – Plantations, FSC and PEFC certification

• End of life options for timber and carbon implications – reuse, recycling, energy recovery, landfill.


Jeremy Mansfield OAM, National Sustainability Manager, Lendlease

Caryn Streeter, Architect, Richard Kirk Architecture

Steve Mitchell, Principal Consultant at thinkstep-ANZ

Working Group Chairs report back
Steve Mitchell on the carbon footprint of Australian Timber Products
Caryn Streeter on designing with CLT and GLT
MECLA Spotlight panel discussion
Jeremy Mansfield on maximising the benefits of timber buildings