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Working Group 5e – Building Services

Working Group 5e – Building Services (WG5e) consists of experts from building services collaborating on building capacity to decarbonise and reduce embodied carbon. WG5e is split into three subgroups, building capacity in the sector through education, benchmarking, and demonstrating demand. The Chair of WG5e is Jeff Robinson, Global Sustainable Design Expertise Leader at Aurecon. The Co-Chair is Mark Vender, Publishing and Strategic Communications at AIRAH.

Awareness, Education and Engagement

The Awareness, Education and Engagement WG5e subgroup is focused on building capacity in building services by engaging key stakeholders, mapping their knowledge and informational needs, and producing assets for industry.


Benchmarking embodied carbon is complex, and the mixed material technical makeup of building services units make it difficult to quantify carbon. This WG5e subgroup analyses the opportunities and challenges in using different methodologies for benchmarking embodied carbon.

Demonstrating Demand

The third WG5e subgroup focuses on better understand the demand side needs of the sector and working to demonstrate that demand industry-wide.