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MECLA Working Group 6 – Residential

Working Group 6 – Residential (WG6) is focused on accelerating the transition to a low carbon residential building sector. WG6 does this by focusing on a series of levers of change, including government procurement, listed entities such as REITs and superfunds which are bound by the emerging ESG reporting standards, and the higher end of custom residential market where clients and purchasers are looking to invest in lower carbon options.

WG6 is broken up into 4 subgroups to tackle the various aspects of decarbonisation in the residential space.

Leadership & Education

This subgroups is focused on supporting policy development in residential building, including both existing and new policies. It is also involved in industry engagement with major players around decarbonisation.

Culture & Influence

WG6’s second subgroup is mapping the customer journey and awareness of embodied carbon, as well as communicating with builders and mass media.

Finance & ESG

The Finance & ESG subgroup engages institutional and retail lenders to identify opportunities to drive decarbonisation, better understand how valuation is impacted by embodied carbon in residential developent, and map the state of play for finance.

Quick Wins & Cost Benefit

The fourth subgroup of WG6 is dedicated to conducting a systems analysis, collecting case studies that demonstrate low carbon projects, reviewing benchmarks and demonstration homes.