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MECLA Briefing on the ASBEC Embodied Carbon Framework for the Built Environment Project

The first output for the ASBEC Embodied Carbon Framework project is an issues paper that lays out how the built environment contributes to Australia’s carbon emissions and why we need to focus on upfront embodied carbon now. Based on research findings from Australia and abroad, it highlights the issues that need to be addressed to successfully tackle embodied carbon and to achieve Australia’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

ASBEC seeks feedback on whether the issues paper has captured the most important and time-critical issues to ensure that the Comprehensive Policy Framework (to be released later this year) captures stakeholder perspectives and informs final recommendations. The issues, challenges and solutions identified are not definite policy directions, but ideas to stimulate feedback and gather input from stakeholders. The survey includes MECLA work on the Pledge Policy, which is outlined elsewhere in the MECLA website.

This webinar equips you to respond effectively to ASBEC’s public consultation on the Issues Paper, which is now available online. Deadline for submissions is 26 July 2024.