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MECLA Innovative Building Materials Challenge

The built environment accounts for roughly 40% of global emissions. Using lower carbon and innovative materials in construction is a crucial part of the decarbonisation journey for the industry. New suppliers of building materials are emerging all over Australia with innovative solutions that can help drive down the carbon embodied by construction projects.  

 The MECLA Innovative Building Materials Challenge brought together the construction supply chain to learn about these new innovative mateirals and how they can be used. The winning companies were awarded a free stall at the Sydney Build Expo 2024 May 1-2 by four judges on the night.

The four judges listened to 7 presentations from various companies with innovative product offerings currently available on the Australian market. There was an incredible range of products, from regenerative wood solutions like bamboo and CLT to carbon capture and utilisation silica and magnesium carbonate products. You can see a list of the competing companies below.

You can now watch a replay of the event here via our youtube channel! Please contact MECLA if you are interested in being connected to any of these organisations and their products.