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Working Group 3/4 – Guidance (WG3/4) focuses on the communication and dissemination of embodied carbon knowledge. Experts from MECLA partner organisations – including Financial Supporters, Founding Partners, and Members- mapped the information needs of various actors within industry, and developed an action plan to help facilitate stronger knowledge and language around low carbon materials in Australia. This activity includes creating a large repository of case studies demonstrating low carbon material projects, the MECLA guidance framework, the communication of MECLA assets, and a Dictionary of Carbon. Currently, the WG is focused on a guide for specifying low emissions building material. The Chair is Hayley Jarick, CEO of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. The Co-Chair is Jeremy Mansfield OAM, National Sustainability Manager at Lendlease.

Case Studies

Over the past years WG3/4 has collected case studies submitted by MECLA Partners that exemplify different ways carbon reductions have been achieved in construction projects. The submitted case studies provide information on various techniques, technologies, and decisions that have led to lower embodied carbon. MECLA would like to thank every partner organisation for contributing to our case study collection. You can peruse the case studies below, or visit MECLA resources to learn more about them.

Dictionary of Carbon

The MECLA Dictionary of Carbon is also a product of WG3/4. It provides common language definitions for popular carbon-related terms used in the built environment and related industries. The definitions have been reviewed by all interested MECLA working group members. References are included for each definition. The definitions are freely available for use by any organisation.

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