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MECLA Working
Group 5b - Concrete & Cement

Working Group 5b – Concrete & Cement (WG5b) has two key objectives. Firstly, facilitating collaboration and knowledge transfer for accelerating the recognised pathways for decarbonisation of the sector. Secondly, advocating on the behalf of the sector to mitigate the recognised problems in the decarbonisation pathways. Dr. Ali Kashani, Senior Lecturer concrete and 3D printing at UNSW and Evan Smith, National Sustainability Lead at Holcim co-chair the working group.

MECLA's Guide to Low Carbon Concrete in Australia

In May 2024 WG5b launched a guide to specifuing low carbon concrete in Australia. The document gives guidance on what specifiers can expect when it comes to emissions from concrete at different compressive design strengths (MPa), and what type of questions they can ask to maximise sustainability outcomes when procuring.

"Our working group has been successful in providing an environment for information dissemination from experts to help the industry digest the recognised decarbonisation pathways towards cement and concrete decarbonisation by 2050. In order to successfully implement all the recognised pathways, our working group aims to bring together the stakeholders from both the supply side and demand side and everyone in between including: experts from cement, concrete, construction, governments, designers, architects, consultants, researchers, end clients, asset owners and policymakers. This is a unique opportunity to connect the concrete and cement supply chain and to identify and address any roadblocks and barriers to increasing the using and specification of low carbon concrete"
Ali Kashani
Senior Lecturer Concrete & 3D printing, UNSW
Evan Smith
National Sustainability Lead, Holcim Pty Ltd

Past Concrete and Cement Spotlights

Some pathways to decarbonising the concrete and cement can be readily implemented because the knowledge is available and accessible. Other pathways are rather new to the sector, the knowledge is limited, and the technology has not yet matured. WG5b helps guide industry through knowledge building and collaboration across the supply chain. This includes hosting Spotlight events on Concrete & Cement. WG5b has hosted 2 Spotlights so far:

You can view their past Spotlight Events below, WG5b is expected to be coordinating another later this year.


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