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Working Group 5b – Concrete & Cement

Working Group 5b – Concrete & Cement (WG5b) has two key focus areas. Firstly, the dissemination of information from experts to help the industry digest the recognised concrete and cement decarbonisation pathways. Secondly, the advocacy for transition to performance-based specification. Dr. Ali Kashani, Senior Lecturer concrete and 3D printing at UNSW, is the Chair. The Co-Chair is Evan Smith, National Sustainability Lead at Holcim.

Dissemination of Information

Some pathways to decarbonising the concrete and cement can be readily implemented because the knowledge is available and accessible. Other pathways are rather new to the sector, the knowledge is limited, and the technology has not yet matured. WG5b helps guide industry through knowledge building and collaboration across the supply chain. This includes hosting Spotlight events on Concrete & Cement. You can view their past Spotlight event below, WG5b is expected to be coordinating another later this year.

Performance-Based Taskforce

Another main objective ofWG5b is advocating for the transition to performance-based specification (PBS) for concrete applications. One of the main obstacles in concrete decarbonisation is the limitations imposed by the relevant standards, specifications and building codes. This issue is widely recognised among stakeholders in industry. The subsection of WG5b called ‘PBS taskforce’ aims to distinguish applications and standards that PBS can provide benefit and added value to.