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Working Group 5c – Aluminium

Working Group 5c – Aluminium (WG5c) focuses on better understanding the demand side needs and supply side requirements of the aluminium industry. The Chair of WG5c is Jeff Morgan, Principal Architect at Hassel.

WG5c is building capacity in the aluminium industry through engagement along the aluminium supply chain, building a roadmap to accelerate supply side, developing better understandings of embodied carbon statistics, and creating knowledge assets for the industry to refer to.

Low Emissions Aluminium Brochure

Earlier this year WG5c produced a Low Emissions Aluminium brochure, raising awareness of the issues and the opportunities for a low emissions aluminium future in Australia’s development and construction industry.

Spotlight Events

WG5c have hosted two MECLA Spotlights on Aluminium so far. The first featured a collection of industry perspectives discussing how sustainability can add value to Australia’s resources, how the industry has evolved over the last 12 years, the role of circular economy in aluminium, responsibly sourcing, and more. The second Spotlight on Aluminium focused on the alumium and secondary alumium sector, and the challenges and opportunities for the sector including support for local manufacturing and demonstrating demand for recylced alumium.

Aluminium Deep Dives

WG5c has also run a number of Aluminium Deep Dives. These are engagements with different aspects of industry to discuss low carbon aluminium opportunities and challenges as well as getting feedback on WG5c progress so far. You can watch the Aluminium Deep Dives on the MECLA youtube channel:

MECLA WG5c Aluminium Deep Dive 1 – Facade Contractors and Head Contractors

MECLA WG5c Aluminium Deep Dive 2 – Consultants

MECLA WG5c Aluminium Deep Dive 3 – Developers & Owners