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MECLA Working
Group 5f - Engineered Timber

Working Group 5f – Engineered Timber (WG5f) had their inaugural meeting at the end of 2022, and is dedicated to mapping pathways for further uptake of engineered timber in the construction industry. This includes addressing challenges around insurance and financing, regulations and politics, and technical. 

The working group is currently split into two subgroups: insurance and regulatory, supply chain, and financial & logistics. The chair and co-chair of WG5f is Stephen Simpson, Design Director at Mulpha Australia and Hamid Valipour, Professor at UNSW.

"The mission I see for the group is to finally break down the barriers to source, procure and secure built form with the product that most naturally aligns itself with the environment: timber, the preferred embodied carbon alternative."
Stephen Simpson
Design Director at Mulpha Australia

Spotlight Event

In 2023 WG5f ran a spotlight event dispelling some of the myths around engineered timber use in Australia. The challenge for timber in the Australian market is a unique one, from questions around supply chain sustainability to use cases, there is a lot to be learned in order to drive forward a regenerative, sustainable timber industry that can deliver lower carbon construction. The MECLA Timber Myth Busting is available on the MECLA website.

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