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Working Group 5d – Other Materials

Working Group 5d – Other Materials (WG5d) is a representative network of construction materials suppliers with a demonstrated interest in and commitment to decarbonisation. They facilitate a collaborative relationship that interprets demand side needs and provides a collective voice for suppliers.

This work includes knowledge sharing across engineered timber, masonry and bricks, asphalt and bitumen, and piping. It includes concepts of the circular economy and creation of high value recycled polymers for industry use. The Chair of WG5d is Cathy Inglis, National Director at HIA and General Manager Technical Innovation at Brickworks Building Products & Innovation.

Like all of our working groups, WG5d engages state and federal governments across a number of emissions reduction related intiatives and schemes. Below you can view a recent presentation given to WG5d about a new Australian Government labelling scheme called ReMade, which recognises recycled material in Australian products.

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